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"I could go in many places where it was impossible for male detectives to gain access"

Kate Warne, First female detective  Pinkerton Detective Agency, 1856

Inquiry Agency is a full-service Private Detective Agency based in Charleston, South Carolina. We have a solid reputation built on integrity, quality and experience. Our investigators are licensed and professionally skilled to get the results you seek. From infidelity, divorce, child custody, online dating, fraud, missing persons, advanced background checks to process of service.  No case is too large or too small for our determined team of trained investigators. Whatever your circumstances, contact us now to privately discuss your case. Inquiry Agency will present the admissible evidence needed to make sound decisions. 

Sara Capelli  Private Investigator

Sara Capelli is the founder of Inquiry Agency that focuses on complex cases for family and criminal lawyers. She excels in reopened and cold cases that are difficult to obtain evidence for. She is known for her intuitive and creative sleuthing to tackle demanding cases. Before she became a licensed investigator she worked in politics for over 20 years. She started on Capitol Hill for two former members of U.S. House of Congress, then elected statewide and local candidates and ended her political career as a lobbyist in Virginia. She honed her investigative skills providing in-depth opposition research on candidates and their political opponents. And now, instead of electing those drafting laws, she investigates those who might just be breaking laws.


Image by Pablo Heimplatz

an at fault
infidelity divorce will
deny alimony


Are they cheating on you? Get the facts so you can prepare for difficult choices that may be ahead. Evidence collected by our investigators is admissible in all court proceedings should you decide to file for separation or divorce. 

Image by Kon Karampelas

confirm the identity of
who you are dating 

What is the truth about their past? Dating online is easy to do, but it can also lead to identity theft and catfishing. We discreetly research the background of the person you have met to verify the credibility of who you are really dating. 

gps tracker reports are admissible evidence 

Trackers are legal when placed and monitored by our

investigators. The device provides real-time location of all addresses and times to identify patterns for surveillance to produce better results for better evidence.


proof of 
can modify 

Documenting the new lifestyle of an ex-spouse can

be relevant in reducing alimony payments. Our investigators will confirm for a fact with evidence the new boyfriend or girlfriend is just staying the night or has moved in.

Image by Quin Stevenson
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